Maths into Finance


Giving S2 pupils an insight into applying Maths in real life. 




Maths into Finance is a one-day event comprising of workshops and challenges for enthusiastic S2 mathematicians. The events encourage students to engage with industry professionals and use the Maths they learn in school to solve problems tackled daily by these professionals in real-life situations. 

Maths into Finance builds on TechFest's successful programme, Maths in the Pipeline, with a new theme: the Financial Services Industry. The aim for Scotland's young people is to mature into a financially-literate society and programmes such as Maths into Finance support their financial education as well as offering a greater understanding of career options available within one of Scotland's largest industries. 

The workshops have been designed to encourage teamwork and introduce pupils to mathematical modeling. The afternoon business challenge is the highlight of the day and tests the skills established and developed in the session. 




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