STEM in the Pipeline 2019



An insight for older pupils into how STEM applies to real-life situations within the Oil and Gas sector. 



The project is designed to allow teams of pupils to apply their knowledge of school subjects to a realistic industry project and gives an overview of the variety of job roles available in the Oil and Gas industry.The event runs from September to December and invites teams of 6 students to participate. The project set is a challenging one - to produce a Field Development Plan.  

STEM in the Pipeline compromises of three parts: an interactive Introduction Day, a 16 week period of independent project work at school and a final presentation day. Each part of the project allows the students to advance their knowledge of STEM subjects but also encourages them to develop both their personal and team-work skills. The final stage of the event is a presentation day, where the teams involved present their completed project to a selection of industry professionals. 

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Congratulations to this years winning team Robert Gordons College!


1st Place Banchory Academy 1

2019 STEM in the Pipeline winners


Students taking part in STEM in the Pipeline can apply for a CREST Award

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"They could evaluate our work from an outsider's perspective and they have a wealth of experience that we don't have."
Students, Meldrum Academy. 
"They gave us confidence in what we were doing."
Student, Westhill Academy.
"Very valuable to have their support." 
Teacher, Oldmachar Academy. 






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