•  Why not to learn a little about dinosaurs? 


Activity pack

Download Ben Garrod's Activity Pack here.


  • Running a STEM club


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Click here to see STEM learning resources you can use.


  • The Scouts have some amazing indoor activities which have been promoted by Tim Peak



Click here to explore more. 


  • Girlguiding has an awesome list of activities and adventures to do at home  




Click here for lots of girl guides adventures at home.

Or here for a Pinterest board full of STEM activities.


  • BBC Science Focus Magazine offers free Science Focus education quizes and packs  

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Click here to download your free education packs. 


  • An amazing website with plenty of outside activities for the young 


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Click here


  • BBC Bitesize Daily with starts like David Attenborough and Jody Whittaker teaching children curriculum based content


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Click here


  • Dive into Scotland's largest baywith Macduff Marine Aquirium.

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 Dive in here. 



  • OPITO has gathered together a great list of STEM resources for young people 


Click here


  •  OurFutureEnergy offers energy themed resources for teachers.


Click here. 


  • AT myOilandGasCareer you learn more about the opportunities in oil and gas industry.


Click here.


  • The Oil & Gas Technology Centre offers inspiring educational and career talks aimed at students aged 16 - 24.

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