Eureka Summer Series kick starts soon!

Young people given the chance to experience Eureka moments this summer! 

A series of workshops designed to show young people how STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) can be applied in everyday life, will tour libraries across Aberdeen City and Shire this summer.

The TechFest Eureka Summer Series, sponsored by Chevron Upstream Europe, will visit 20 libraries in the region from July 18 until August 18.

The programme features fun and engaging workshops including a demonstration of how science can be used to solve detective investigations and how technology is applied to help an aircraft take flight.

More than 100 children from nurseries and primary schools across the City and Shire are expected to attend, with TechFest staff delivering the interactive workshops.

Greta Lydecker, managing director, Chevron Upstream Europe, said: “Our social investments in STEM engage students in their learning life, from primary schools, right through secondary schools, colleges and universities.

“Working with our partners, we take a holistic approach to our investments in education by getting students excited about STEM and encouraging them to pursue STEM workshops, courses, and ultimately, STEM careers.

“Partnering with organisations like TechFest to develop STEM programmes that are fun and engaging, arms students with the critical skills they need to succeed today and in the future.”

This is the second annual Eureka series organised by an Aberdeen-based charity TechFest, which aims to promote STEM activities to young people and the wider community, and the first to go on tour during the summer holidays.

Sarah Chew, managing director of TechFest, said: “We are looking forward to visiting new venues across Aberdeen City and Shire to demonstrate to children just how valuable and exciting STEM subjects are.

“These workshops are designed to show young people how the STEM topics they hear about in school can be applied in the real world and who knows – they might even inspire children to consider a career in STEM. It is never too early for young people to start thinking about what they’d like to do when they grow up”

“We are incredibly grateful to our sponsor Chevron Upstream Europe whose support allows us to continue to educate, inspire and entertain. We hope to see lots of young people taking advantage of these fun and educational events throughout the school holidays.”

 For further information please visit Eureka Summer Series.

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