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The incredible rise in popularity of slime with small humans is not difficult to understand. There’s something incredibly pleasing about squidging it and feeling it ooze between your fingers, and even more satisfying you can make it at home yourself with easy to obtain ingredients. Slime is one of the many “Kitchen Science” experiments that can pique the curiosity of children and potentially lead to a real interest in science.

science dog


As the Easter holidays are upon us I have assembled some of my favourite Kitchen Science experiments below – ENJOY!

It’s slime time...


Concerned with how much plastic we use and looking for alternatives? Why not try making some casein?


Use an endothermic reaction to cool your warm drinks!


Get your kids involved in breakfast and tire those tiny arms out!


Take your home back to the 60s and make a home made lava lamp to explore density and chemical reactions – a TechFest favourite!