Deep Sea Research – A Trio of Linked Talks

From November 06, 2020 19:00 until November 06, 2020

1) Deep-Sea Beasties - Presented by Heather Ritchie. JAMSTEC

The bottom of the sea might sound like a dark, cold and lonely place but there are animals that love to live there. Amphipods are incredible creatures that are found at every depth of the ocean – they are the deepest living animals in the world. We investigate what makes these animals so special and how they can survive in conditions of the deep sea.

2) Eurythenes plasticus: The Newest Face of Marine Plastic Pollution Crisis - Presented by Johanna Weston, Newcastle University

6000 metres beneath the surface of the Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean is very remote. However, this remoteness does not shield organisms from anthropogenic pollution. A new scavenging amphipod, Eurythenes plasticus, was described in March 2020. We named it ‘plasticus’ as because one individual was found to have a piece of microplastic in its hindgut. We hope that Eurythenes plasticus helps people connect their actions on land with impacts to life the ultra-deep ocean.

3) No Monsters down here – deep-sea fish are cool not scary - Presented by Dr Thomas Linley, Armatus Oceanic

The poor blobfish gets bullied online. Does it deserve to be voted the world’s ugliest animal? Are stories about horrible/alien/monsters in the deep-sea fair, or are they just scary stories we like to tell each other? Dr Thom, advocate of deep-sea fish, is going to show you how interesting and even cute these animals are.

Don't worry if you missed the event! Watch it on our YouTube channel here.