TechFest Eureka Day@The Bettridge Centre - Public Programme Event

On September 16, 2018
Categories: Festival


No Pre-Booking required! Just turn up.


TechFest is coming to the Bettridge Centre. Join us for a fun filled day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as part of this year’s TechFest Eureka Series sponsored by Chevron. With hands - on activities and workshops, this interactive experience provides inspiring activities for all ages. Bring a packed lunch and stay all day!

Come along for the following fantastic workshops and shows:


'Who Says I'm a Windbag' Presented by Live Wire Productions

Presented by personified lungs Laura and Lucy. Engage with what happens in our wind pipe and lungs when we live and breathe in today’s harsh environment. Watch out for the Lung Cloggers!

Show times throughout the day.

'Wild About Maths' Presented by TechFest

Take a walk on the wild side with TechFest as you undertake puzzles, challenges and problem solving activities inspired by the natural world. In these hands-on maths activities you can work through a series of puzzles designed to challenge your idea of how much fun maths can be.


'Bizarre Bones' Presented by TechFest

Which part of your body is stronger than steel and harder than granite? Find out the answer to these questions and discover many more incredible facts about the skeleton as we investigate the hardest organ in the human body: bones.


'Amazing Aberdeen' Presented by TechFest

Come and learn about the scientists and engineers who have made Aberdeen the incredible city it is!