TechFest is an innovative charity which consistently provides quality STEM events and with over 35 years experience in promoting STEM subjects, this enables us to identify effective activities and measure impact.

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STEM Next 

TechFest is delighted to announce the launch of STEM Next – an essay competition exploring the future of STEM research.




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The Early Years and Primary Programme will return in May 2021!





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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Our team delivers a huge range of high quality programmes and events.

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Early Years & Primary School

Find out about the TechFest programmes available for early years and primary school aged students here.


Secondary Schools

Find out about the TechFest programmes available for secondary school aged students here.



Explore the exciting ways your company can interact with it's local community. 

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Expand Your Imagination

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 Early Years & Primary Outreach

Interactive STEM workshops provided and delivered by TechFest for early years settings, primary schools and ASN. 

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Engineer 'N' Our Lives

How many of us when we look around ever stop to think about the engineers behind what we see, use, eat, what we have in our homes, our shops on our roads, our medicines, plastics, electronics in fact everything we have today? 

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STEM Pipeline

STEM in the Pipeline

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Explore how they can be applied in real life situations.

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Maths into Finance

A practical look at how Maths can be applied to the financial sector for S2 pupils.

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TechFest Dome

Learn about Space and Forces with the TechFest Dome, a mobile planetarium which primary, secondary schools and local community groups can enjoy.

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Maths in the Pipeline

A one-day event designed to give students an insight into the oil and gas industry.

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CREST Awards

A project-based awards scheme for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) delivered in Scotland by TechFest on behalf of the British Science Association. CREST recognises success, and enables students to build their skills and demonstrate personal achievement in project work.  It offers educators an easy-to-run framework for curriculum enhancement and is student-led, which means that young people take ownership of their projects and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy. 

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The Fanatic: Understanding Creativity and Building Purpose Presented by Dr Vivienne Ming

From November 13, 2020 18:00 until November 13, 2020

TechFest is delighted to add Dr Vivienne Ming to our 2020 Digital Programme.

Dr Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, author and mother of two. She co-founded Socos Labs, her fifth company, an independent institute dedicated to solving some of the world's most pressing problems.As one of the tech world’s most exciting innovators, Vivienne harnesses the power of AI and big data so that we can fully realise our potential, if someone comesto Scocos with a problem, Dr Ming and her team will do their utmost to discover a solution. From medical sector applications to recruitment, from educational tools to inventing a system to monitor her son’s diabetes, her talks are inspirational, enlightening and often personal.

Don't worry if you missed the event! Watch it on our YouTube channel here.