Equestrianism Excellence: Understanding Equitation Science: The Care & Training Of The Competition Horse & Links To Stem Learning

From November 24, 2020 19:00 until November 24, 2020

Presented by Jenny Haigh

This talk looks at equitation science, which is defined as the application of scientific methods, to assess objectively the care and training of the competition horse, and how this promotes an evidence based understanding of both horse and rider interactions when it comes to identifying the correct level of care and training techniques that are required. 

Therefore creating successful outcomes during high level competition, and how this is interlinked to the core values of the British Horse Society (BHS), which is taught through the high quality training programme of “The BHS Career Pathways – BHS Stage Exams” to many students across the UK, allowing successful progression and qualification through this very high quality and successful training programme. 

These courses take place at BHS Approved Riding && Exam Centres all over the UK and what most people don’t realise is that they are experiencing stem education throughout every part of the programme as each section has various links to Stem which will be explained as we progress through this talk today. 

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