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CREST Award Application and Support Page

This page has been created to make sharing CREST application, support and submission information easier, without blocking your email with large attachements.  This will help you share information with teachers, students, colleagues and mentors.

CREST Coordinator (Scotland)

Lesley Weston,

TechFest, Foresterhill Health Centre, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB25 2AY

Email:; Tel: 01224 274348

For more information about the CREST Awards nationally, including ideas, case studies and pick up and run projects you can visit the British Science Association website at

CREST Information Guides 

CREST Award level overview.pdf

Scotland CREST Brochure Feb 2010 low res_2.pdf


What Do I Have to Do?

  1. The teacher completes and returns a CREST Registration Form to the CREST Coordinator.    Lesley is happy to discuss how CREST Awards can work for you.
  2. Projects are completed and students reflect on the process using the CREST workbooks or profile according to the project level.
  3. Students must communicate their projects to others and have the opportunity to respond to questioning.
  4. Once the teacher and/or mentor feel the criteria have been met, the teacher informs coordinator of completion of projects and submits copies of profile forms and reports. You can submit either by email or mail.  Project work is precious: please remember to write a return address on the envelope.  We regret that TechFest is not able to pay for underpaid postal items so please ensure you use the correct postage.
  5. The coordinator arranges assessment for Silver and old projects and may get back to the teacher to arrange an assessment visit or get in touch with further questions.
  6. The CREST Assessor advises on the level of award and arranges for certificates to be sent to students.

CREST Registration Form

CREST Registration Form 2015-2016.doc 

CREST Registration Form for Large Groups

Student upload 2016.xls

(All information that you provide will be held on the British Science Association CREST database, accessible to your local coordinator and staff at the British Science Association. The data will be used only for reporting on the impact of British Science Association CREST to our funders and related education audiences.

CREST is designed to be inclusive of all abilities and backgrounds. We require student data to effectively evaluate and research engagement with the scheme to further implement appropriate strategies to ensure that CREST is inclusive. Reports will not contain student names; student details will not be used for purposes outside of evaluating and researching CREST.)

CREST Award Registration Fees for 2015/16

     Discovery Award      £3

     Bronze Award           £5

     Silver Award             £10

     Gold Award               £20

As you are aware, the cost of registering for an award does not fully cover the costs of running the scheme, so the British Science Association and CREST Local Coordinators heavily rely on funding and support from other organisations.  The cost of assessment and certification is included in the registration fee.

Discovery Awards

How to recognise your STEM activity through a CREST Discovery Award Guide.pdf

Crest Discovery Passport_1.pdf

Bronze Awards

After the launch of the bronze award workbook, we have had feedback that the new style really helps students with the project process.  We recommend you pick the style that will best support your students.  We have also launched new workbooks that may be helpful with design or investigation project.  Most projects at bronze level do use the workbook style format, however you can use the profile if it suits your students or the project more closely.

CREST Bronze Award workbook 2015-16_1.doc

CREST Bronze Award Design workbook 2015-16.doc

CREST Bronze Award Investigation workbook 2015-16.doc

CREST Bronze Award student profile 2015-16.doc

Silver Awards

Silver student guide 2015-16.pdf

Supporting CREST Silver Projects.pdf

CREST Silver Award student profile 2015-16.doc

Gold Awards

Gold student guide 2015-16.pdf

Supporting CREST Gold Projects_2.pdf

CREST Gold Award student profile 2015-16_1.doc

CREST Coordinator (Scotland)

Lesley Weston,

TechFest, Foresterhill Health Centre, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB25 2AY

Email:; Tel: 01224 274348